Top Tips for Getting Expired Returns to your Reverse Distributor Safely

Today’s blog features tips to help ensure that mailed-in expired returns arrive safely at your reverse distributor.

1. Package products so they don’t break in transit       

  • Take a few moments to cushion wrap all glass bottles– manufacturers do not accept damaged products.
  • Place glass bottles in plastic bags so that if something does leak, it doesn’t damage other products.
  • Securely fasten all bottle caps and tops. This will ensure that the product remains in its original container and can be properly inventoried when it arrives at your RD.

2. Use the proper sized box. This determination will depend on what you are returning. If the box is too big and your returned items are sliding around in it, there’s a greater chance for breakage. We recommend using a box with dimensions that fit the size of the contents or cutting a box down to size to fit contents. As a GRx customer, use boxes measuring less than 18”x18”x16”.

3. Package unused needles safely

  • Double-box loose, unused needles and auto-inject pens if not in original case or package. This act of kindness will help keep all those involved in the return process safe from harm.

4. Include the proper paperwork in your return boxes.

  • Yes, it’s true – boxes sometimes arrive without paperwork or with old, illegible photocopies making it virtually impossible to determine whose product is in the box. Help us help you get the credit you may be entitled to – Please include the proper paperwork. GRx customers with questions can always call, email, or chat with us on our website. In addition, the GRx Customer Portal contains easy access to everything you want to know about mailing-In expired products.
  • GRx customers also have access to Remote-Assistance for one or every mail-in return they make. Connect with us to learn more.

5. Identify and segregate 340(b) from regular product returns.

  • In accordance with manufacturer policy, 340(b) product must be processed separately from regular returns. Segregating 340(b) before it arrives at your RD’s facility allows for quicker and more accurate processing.

Contact us or give us a call at 1.800.473.2138 to learn more or if we can be of assistance with your next expired product return.