Schedule II Controlled Substance Returns

Making the shipment and return of Schedule II products as secure as possible is essential for a successful pharmaceutical return. Below are some helpful tips for getting your Controlled Substances returned safely.

  1. Be sure to use an RFID tag or other internal identifier for your CII returns.
  2. Refrain from externally labeling/identifying packages with CII returns inside of them.
  3. Avoid shipping individual small boxes as it is known that these boxes most likely contain Controlled Substances. We recommend including the small box in a larger box with your other returns.
  4. Retain copies of the “Return” paperwork associated with your Controlled Substances returns. This is helpful when a question arises about a Controlled Substance return.
  5. Use the tracking system provided by the Shipping company so that you know if/when your Controls arrived at the Reverse Distributor.
  6. GRx customers can also use the Customer Portal to track shipments received at our facility.
  7. Be sure to know the internal security measures used by your Reverse Distributor for the safe and secure storage and disposition of Class II products.

At GRx, we handle returned Controlled Substances with the strictest standard operating procedures. Upon arrival, Controlled Substances are immediately identified by RFID technology and segregated to the highly secure Controlled Substances receiving area for processing.

We adhere to all relevant industry and compliance mandates including all DEA and EPA requirements.

Keeping your Controlled Substances safe is one of our top priorities. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to meet your needs and to providing the highest level of security for all of your products.

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