Whether it’s returns, expired or slow moving pharmaceuticals, Guaranteed Returns® can help you remove non-performing inventory, free up shelf space and strengthen your pharmacy’s working-capital position.

Although pharmacy returns are at the core of the Guaranteed Returns® foundation – having started the industry in 1986, they recognize that inventory management goes beyond pharmaceutical returns – obsolete, damaged, and excess drugs will also contribute to your pharmacy’s bottom line when inventory is optimized.

You’ve got a pharmacy to run – GRx can help. Work with Guaranteed Returns® to increase inventory-turns and realize financial gains.

Convert what’s on your shelves, into money in your pocket.

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Reggie Blue is our facility representative, Reggie always comes with a smile, is very professional and always prepared for our facility. It is a pleasure to deal with him and it is always nice to see the same person every time we need someone to come out!

Carrie Anderson, Morton General Hospital

"Ed, just writing to let you know how well my returns are coming back. You do such a great job for us here at Alle-Kiski Medical Center Pharmacy. I feel we get fantastic service from Guaranteed Returns® and was extremely glad to retain you as my representative. You make my job with returns very easy and you do such a thorough job with our returns. I have never had any problem getting my returns and they are really accurate. I surely wish that our entire West Penn Allegheny Health System had you and your company for this job. It is certainly worth the cost and time it takes.  I think your process has gotten better also. I look forward to your coming back again in September. Thanks so much for your time and great service!"
"Guaranteed Returns® has the most innovative user friendly extranet website. Having the ability to track my shipments after they have left the hospital and monitor the disbursements from manufacturers, are just some of the many valuable services I appreciate as a buyer. I also want to say that since Barry Knowles became our rep we have consistently increased our expired return reimbursements. He has been extremely helpful with any questions I have regarding your website navigation or medication return policies. For the first time there is a reverse distributor who actually collects the returns for you and is ACCOUNTABLE for their estimates. Thank you Guaranteed Returns®."
"By consolidating and processing all outdates through Guaranteed Returns®, we have lowered our graveyard amounts and at the same time have improved our rate of return."
"You're Awesome! It's the Best Customer Service I have had in a long time. Thanks."
"Frick Hospital Pharmacy has dealt with Guaranteed Returns® for quite a few years, we could not be more satisfied!! Ed has always come to Frick on the days we agree on, he is always prompt and very pleasant to be around. His work is very neat, I don’t do anything except take the boxes to shipping. Guaranteed Returns® does all of the paperwork and any credit we have coming is processed thru our wholesaler. The whole process is very painless and efficient!!!"
"Guaranteed Returns® service is so efficient. I have to say that it makes my job a lot easier. Now I can focus my attention on some of my other responsibilities in the pharmacy without having to worry about processing our outdates."
"Guaranteed Returns® has been the preferred returns program for Leader® Member Pharmacies since 2005. Leader® is a retail marketing program for the independently owned community pharmacies. As such, member pharmacies are free to use our preferred supplier or any of a number of other companies offering returns programs to independent pharmacies. Over the past three years participation and compliance have been steadily increasing, and today more than 1500 of our member stores use the services provided by Guaranteed Returns®. We have been pleased with their customer service, follow-up and marketing efforts."
"For some time now, I have been working with Alyse Schork and I have only received the best responses. She has been very fast and accurate in answering my requests. She has always been cordial and knowledgeable in taking care of all the request that I have sent to her. In my day to day work, it is very important to receive fast response to my emails and I thank Alyse for doing just so. She has made my work much easier!"
Reggie Blue is our facility representative, Reggie always comes with a smile, is very professional and always prepared for our facility. It is a pleasure to deal with him and it is always nice to see the same person every time we need someone to come out!
Martha Jane Cline, CPhT, Buyer
Dawn Convery, Pharmacy Buyer, Overlake Hospital Medical Center
Gary Boehler, R.Ph. EVP Pharmacy and Health Care Services Thrifty White Pharmacy
Debbie Walcott, Grand Valley Health Plan Beckwith Pharmacy, Grand Rapids Mi
Valerie Fencil, Pharmacy Buyer, Frick Hospital
Kristen Kelsey, Kenmore Mercy Hospital
Timothy J. Doyle, Director of Operations - Leader® Member Services
Maria Alvarez, Senior Coordinator, CORD Logistics, Inc.
Carrie Anderson, Morton General Hospital

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