Mail-in Pharmaceutical Returns Overview

We accept the following pharmaceuticals for return:

  • Schedule II (CIIs)
  • Schedule CIII-CVs
  • All Non-controlled pharmaceuticals (including OTCs, HBCs, hazardous consumer commodities & medical-surgical products)

Any of the above can be sent as recalls, repacks, full and partials.

Acceptance does not guarantee credit will be issued by the manufacturers.


To Return Non-Controlled &/or CIII – CVs Pharmaceuticals

If you are mailing in your return, you will need to print Return Authorization form(s) and labels for your pharmaceutical return and include the Return Authorization (RA) form in your shipping box.

To Return CIIs

DEA regulations require that a DEA 222 Form be generated and on file at Guaranteed Returns® prior to shipping Schedule II Controls.

Please complete the DEA 222 Request Form so that we can generate a DEA 222 Form for you to use with your Schedule II (CII) shipment.

After your 222 form is generated, we will mail you the DEA Form 222 for you to include in your pharmaceutical returns box. We will also mail you the following:

  • An RFID form
  • A Return Authorization (RA) form
  • A listing of DEA Field Offices.

Do not ship Schedule II (CII) products until you receive your DEA 222 form from us. DEA 222 Forms expire 60 days from the issue date; the issue date is found on the top portion of the DEA 222 Form.

Shipping & Receiving of CII pharmaceutical return products

When we receive your Schedule II products, the Controls department will verify the quantities of each product received. A Form 41 (Proof of Destruction) and a disposal (non-returnable) manifest will be generated and sent to your facility after the verification process is complete.

Shipping & Packing Guidelines for All Pharmaceutical Returns

Please take the time to review the Shipping & Packing guidelines prior to mailing your pharmaceutical returns; this will help ensure against product damage and breakage.

Please contact Customer Service at 1.800.473.2138 with any questions about mailing in your pharmaceutical returns.