Guaranteed Returns (GRx) Announces Launch of new GRx Inventory Website

Guaranteed Returns (GRx) is pleased to announce the official launch of a new website for GRx Inventory, the premier solution for physical inventory service in the healthcare industry.

Founded in 2006, GRx Inventory utilizes custom software technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency for hospital pharmaceutical inventories.

"GRx Inventory specializes in pharmaceutical inventory for healthcare systems across the country. Our auditors are the best in the business when it comes to understanding the products, package sizing and handling of the medications. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows the auditor to be efficient, and self-contained requiring minimal amount of workspace. We bring the office to you so that your counts and reporting are in real time." said Marion Beattie, GRx Inventory Director of Operations. Working in the hospital inventory field for 30 plus years, Marion is vital to the success of the organization along with her support staff, account managers and inventory auditors who fly out to hospitals across the country.

The Inventory Auditors are certified in pharmaceutical count methods, trained in handling of medications and well versed in HIPAA regulations. They are true inventory specialists - which means you will get the most accurate inventory count and reporting in the industry. “We survey our customers after each inventory. I always love hearing our customers tell us how our teams and process have made their inventory experience easy and pleasant. It never gets old. Our goal is, and always has been, to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our auditors and support staff’s experience and attention to detail ensure we achieve that goal every time.” said Bruce Shappe, GRx Inventory Regional Sales and Account Manager.

As the leader of pharmaceutical inventory services, it’s very important to make information used to help a decision maker select their service provider easy and accessible. The new website gives a clear snapshot of exactly who we are.

The new company website is part of the ongoing evolution of the GRx Inventory brand, created with our customers in mind. Visit the new website at

More about GRx
Our three decades in the reverse distribution industry make us the go-to source for pharmaceutical returns. GRx ensures pharmacies make smarter business decisions about expired and under-performing inventory using decision-critical data. GRx manages the physical processing and financial transactions of expired pharmaceuticals, recalls and indated products with unparalleled accuracy and transparency. Onsite and mail-in service is available.

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