GRx Continues its Rapid Growth Adding New Service Rep to Oklahoma and the El Paso Region

GRx, the leading pharmaceutical returns company, continues to grow its onsite sales and service territory by welcoming Teri Cook as the new Regional Account Executive (RAE) for Oklahoma and the El Paso Region in Texas.

Teri, an Oklahoma native, graduated from Seminole State College where she attended on a cheerleading scholarship.  As for her professional career, Teri joins the GRx team with almost two decades of experience working at a Hospital Fitness and Rehab Center where she trained cardiac, pulmonary rehab and stroke patients. 

Teri describes herself as an energetic and positive individual.  Enthusiasm, determination and honesty are all traits she believes to be her professional strengths.  The motivation and inspiration behind her hard work is her family, especially, her nephew, who overcame cancer at the age of 14. He may be a teenager, but he’s certainly one of her heroes.

Teri goes on to explain why she finds her job so rewarding. “It’s easy to talk to customers when you know how fantastic the service is that you provide. When you truly believe in what you are offering, it makes the job so much easier,” says Teri Cook.

“Teri’s energy is contagious. Her positive outlook and personal and professional integrity are qualities GRx values in an employee above all.  We are excited to see her establish relationships and build a strong rapport with her customers,” says Toniann Meadows, Senior Vice President of Service.

“Oklahoma has been an area in need of expansion for some time now. We knew immediately when we met Teri that she was the right person to provide exceptional service in this territory.  She knows that our service makes the lives of pharmacists easier and helps them capture their credits effectively”, says Richard Campbell, Vice President of Business Development.

Onsite service provided by GRx includes sorting, packing, shipping and completing all paperwork for pharmacies to return expired pharmaceutical products for credit. On-site service makes it easier for pharmacies to focus on their customers as they won’t have to take any time away to handle their expired products.


Our three decades in the reverse distribution industry make us the go-to source for pharmaceutical returns.  GRx ensures pharmacies make smarter business decisions about expired and underperforming inventory using actionable, decision-critical data. GRx handles the physical processing and financial transactions of expired pharmaceuticals, recalls and indated products with unparalleled accuracy and transparency.  Mail in service is also available.

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