Pharmaceutical Returns Services for Chain Drug Stores

You already know that as a reverse distributor, we can return your expired, damaged and obsolete drugs to manufacturers. But did you know that we can rapidly change our programs to systematically reflect the supplier agreements you negotiated with your manufacturers and/or wholesalers?

That’s right. Here at GRx we can implement policies and procedures that are unique to your organization so that they happen on an automatic basis every time we process your pharmaceutical returns.

Pricing with Credit Collection Incentives

In addition, we know that chain drug stores typically pay a per piece fee for their pharmaceutical returns. But our service fee is based on return value. This pricing model maximize the credits you receive. 

Our Reconciliation department is the best in the business and works on your behalf to collect as many credits as possible so that your collection rate is around the 100% mark. If your current collection rate is less than 100%, perhaps you should schedule some time to speak with us about what we can do to help your business. Contact us to learn more.

There are vendors that get the job done and then there are people who are professional and a pleasure to work with. Mike does it all with a willing smile.

Carol Deamer, Simi Valley Hospital