Pharmaceutical Returns for Retail Stores

Your pharmacy is a business within your business and it brings unique challenges and time-consuming activities. Hiring pharmacy technicians, ordering medications and consulting with your customers just to name a few….

Returning expired, damaged and recalled Rx returns is unique to a pharmacy but it doesn’t have to be challenging.

Quick Payments Available

As a business owner, cash flow is very important to you and we have just the program to make sure your pharmaceutical returns become liquid as soon as possible after processing. Our ReverseLink™ Direct Pay program is set up to render payments to your pharmacy within 45-60 days, sometimes sooner.

Guaranteed Returns® has gone out of their way to service me on several occasions. Their service is outstanding. The reporting I get on credits and their credit collection is the best I have seen in the industry. Thanks GRx.

Andy Jolly, Ready Meds/Jolly Pharmacy

Whether you choose to Mail-in your returns or have On-site pharmaceutical returns service, we can make sure your Rx returns provide the most value with the least interruptions to your business.

No matter if you packed the box or the on-site service representative packed it, we’ll make sure that your product is sorted with the highest accuracy rate so that every product has a chance to be credit eligible.

Impact your pharmacy business without disrupting It

Our On-site service representatives are reliable and efficient; they arrive on-time and work quickly and quietly in the space you have designated for pharmaceutical returns.

Interested in money saving ideas?

Local management and service representatives are available for business review sessions. Many of our customers have saved their businesses thousands of dollars just by reviewing their pharmaceutical returns reports with us!

Read Tips for choosing a reverse distributor to learn more and then let us know how we can help.

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