Pharmaceutical Returns for busy Hospital Professionals

You’re a provider of patient care; a professional managing drug shortages, staff, pharmacy inventory management and patient safety.

That’s a lot for one person or one department to shoulder. But as you already know the pharmacy business is complicated and constantly changing.

It’s a puzzle with a whole lot of pieces. Sometimes it’s hard to connect the pieces or figure out how to divvy up your time so you can get everything on your to do list done.

Puzzle showing the major issues a pharmacist has to deal with including  pharmaceutical returns and pharmacy inventory management

One thing that is simple is partnering with us on your pharmaceutical returns and inventory management puzzle pieces.

Minimal effort for maximum results

Ed, just writing to let you know how well my returns are coming back. You do such a great job for us here at Alle-Kiski Medical Center Pharmacy; I feel we get fantastic service from Guaranteed Returns and was extremely glad to retain you as my representative. You make my job with returns very easy and you do such a thorough job with our returns. I have never had any problem getting my returns and they are really accurate.

Martha Jane Cline at Alle-Kiski Medical Center Pharmacy

As a GRx customer, you can be assured that you’ll spend a minimal amount of time & energy on pharmaceutical returns. Our local service representatives are supplied with state-of-the-art equipment to assist them with preparing and executing all required paperwork on-site.

Service representatives sort through all your pharmaceutical returns and you don’t need to make any pre-sorting decisions about what is returnable and what isn’t. You have copies of all paperwork, boxes ready for shipping and your next appointment date when they are done. Not to mention, more shelf space and a big smile! 

When your Rx returns arrive at our facility, they will be handled expertly and processed carefully and swiftly so that your facility benefits from prompt and complete credit distributions.

Pharmacy efficiency through pharmaceutical returns

I truly enjoy using Guaranteed Returns. I am able to keep my costs down with the multiple reports offered through the user friendly website for my account. I have a 500+ bed non-profit facility and Guaranteed Returns makes what could be an impossible task super easy. I have effectively eliminated about 20 products from my stock with this fantastic service.

Angel Flores, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Your pharmaceutical returns can provide an abundance of information about your pharmacy inventory management practices. During processing, our cutting-edge systems collect data about your Rx returns. This data is converted into reports which are available online 24/7 in the Customer Portal. Reporting can assist you with decreasing waste, maximizing returns credit and so much more.

Our service representatives and management teams are trained to spot patterns and can consult with you on business reviews. These business reviews reveal ways for saving money or ordering medications differently.

What to do next

Before you decide which reverse distributor you want to work with on your pharmaceutical returns, read these tips for choosing a reverse distributor.


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