Pharmaceutical Returns for Government Facilities

Government facilities (including non-military Federal agencies) around the globe have been returning their expired, damaged and recalled drugs to us as far back as 1990.

Most choose On-site service but you can also Mail-in your pharmaceutical returns.

Pharmaceutical & Military Experience – A Winning Formula! 

If you work at an Army facility and need to complete Form 3161, use our online inventory program. With this program, you can complete & print Form 3161, Request for Issue and Turn-In prior to your On-site pharmaceutical returns appointment.

Overseas Pharmaceutical Returns 

Overseas government facilities receive reliable On-site pharmaceutical returns service and there are standard operating procedures in place to address transportation and logistics issues so you never have to worry about shipping your returns.

The most experienced pharmaceutical returns company in the world is also the most experienced government contracted pharmaceutical returns supplier.

Contact us with any questions you may have about returning your expired, damaged and recalled pharmaceuticals.