Instructions and Policies

Guaranteed Returns® (GRx) at its sole discretion, may accept returns of any opened and unopened packages of Rx, Schedule CII to CV, OTC and HBC products from any US based manufacturer, which are subject to the terms and conditions herein. To return merchandise to GRx, please complete a Return Authorization Form, available on our website, or from Customer Support, and ship goods to: GRx, 100 Colin Drive, Holbrook, NY 11741-4306

  • A completed RA form must accompany all product returned to GRx. Please review the preprinted information on the RA form. If any information is incorrect, please contact Customer Support by calling 1-800-473-2138.
  • Please provide a complete listing of all CIII to CV drug products being shipped to GRx.
  • A completed DEA Form 222 must accompany any CII product(s) shipped to GRx. To return CII products, the customer must first obtain a DEA Form 222 on line at, or by calling Customer Support at 1-800-473-2138.
  • Please use the mailing labels provided.
  • Please number all cartons shipped. (i.e. box 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.)

Once your return has been processed, you will receive a list of all returnable and non-returnable merchandise and a non-binding credit value estimate. Any errors, discrepancies or other changes on this list must be reported to GRx within 60 days from the printed service/cycle date. Returns are processed and handled in compliance with each manufacturer’s stated returns policy.

The return service fee includes an allowance for disposal of non-returnable product equal to 6.5% of the total service fee. Disposal costs that exceed this allowance will be charged to you in addition to your return service fee. If the cost of prepaid UPS/ARS/FedEx shipping labels or LTL or oversize box cost (boxes over 18"x 18" x 18") are in excess of 10% of the service fee, these excess shipping costs will be charged to you in addition to your return service fee.

GRx offers two levels of On-site Service at an additional charge: The Express Support Service includes execution of any DEA related forms, as well as complete inventory of CII-CV products. All items are carefully inspected and packaged for shipping to GRx. The Full On-site Service includes the Express Support Services features, plus the generation of an electronic report for all manufacturer trade packaged products being returned to GRx. The fee for either level of On-site service is a percentage based upcharge added to the return service fee rate. Any non-returnable items processed may also be subject to the Full On-site upcharge. Contact your Customer Support or Sales Representative for information regarding the pricing of these services which may include a minimum on-site charge.

The return services relate only to your products that are immediately eligible for return in the ReverseLink™ Programs upon receipt by GRx. Products which are not immediately eligible for return will be handled according to the Hold and Age Product Aging Service if you are using ReverseLink™ One or Reverselink™ Direct Pay. Complete details regarding ReverseLink™ Programs and our Product Aging Service are available on the GRx website, or from Customer Support.

If any credit eligible product is received by GRx in returnable condition and subsequently damaged or lost while in possession of GRx, causing said product to be ineligible or unavailable to return for credit, the Estimated Return Value less any fees due to GRx will be reimbursed to you. GRx shall not be liable for the value of, and cannot guarantee credit for products that were purchased outside of normal distribution channels, including products that were not purchased directly from the manufacturer or an approved distributor of said manufacturer, products that were purchased outside of the United States, or any products determined to be counterfeit, stolen or otherwise illegally obtained. If such product has been shipped by GRx to a manufacturer or their agent, GRx cannot guarantee the return of product to you. If the product is available for return to you, it shall be at your sole expense, and may not include any product that was denied a return authorization from the manufacturer or their agent. GRx shall not be liable to reimburse you or provide payment in any form in the event a manufacturer rejects the return of a product or denies credit for any reason. GRx shall not be held liable for product value and or service fees when manufacturers or wholesalers become insolvent, file for bankruptcy protection or do not follow the remittance instructions provided to them by GRx. Manufacturers may require proof of purchase as a condition of credit, and they may reserve the right to destroy such product without issuing any credit if such proof of purchase cannot be furnished. In any dispute, GRx has the right to require you to produce proof of purchase of disputed items. Failure on your part to provide such proof of purchase shall release GRx from any and all liability of products involved in the dispute. In no instance shall GRx’s liability for any product exceed the estimated return value less any fees due to Guaranteed Returns for product by the customer. In no event shall GRx be liable for consequential, punitive, special, or other damages except as specifically provided herein.

340b Product: When returning expired items to GRx, products purchased under the 340b Medicare/Medicaid Federal Government Program MUST be identified and separated from any non-340b products being returned. In addition you MUST advise GRx Customer Support or your local sales representative that 340b products are to be returned. These 340b returns must be assigned a separate Return Authorization Form and a designated 340b account number PRIOR to shipping them back. If you are purchasing exclusively under the 340b Program, you must also advise GRx PRIOR to shipping back such product to confirm that your account is designated for 340b product pricing and associated service fee rates in GRx System. GRx will not be held liable for any processing, pricing or crediting issues resulting from your failure to follow this procedure PRIOR to the product being shipped back to GRx for processing. GRx service fees and estimated product value for 340b returns may vary from regular returns product values and fees.

ReverseLink™ One Program – Payment and Crediting Terms: You will receive return credit directly through your participating wholesaler account (or via GRx check if available on your program) for the value of issued manufacturer credit, less any service fees payable to GRx. In addition, certain manufacturers (direct vendors) may credit you directly either via check from said manufacturer or from their 3rd party agent, for their product returns. The GRx service fee for your entire return, including any direct vendor returns, will be deducted from your available credits at the time of distribution. If your crediting wholesaler fails to convey to GRx payment for services rendered to you by GRx from the resulting collected credits they possess at the time of distribution, you are ultimately responsible for any and all service fee(s) due to GRx and GRx reserves the right to invoice you directly for these fees. GRx also reserves the right to recover any handling/processing/drop-ship credit fees incurred in the processing of your manufacturer credits.

ReverseLink™ Direct Pay Program – Payment and Crediting Terms: You will receive return credit directly from manufacturers, manufacturers’ 3rd party agents, and/or your designated wholesaler GRx will invoice you directly for its service fee, payment of which is due within 30 business days of the invoice date. Past due invoices may be subject to a monthly late fee of 1.5%. Further, in the event that payment is not received within 30 business days from date of invoice, GRx reserves the right to suspend processing of your product until such time as any unpaid invoice(s) including any accrued late fees, have been paid in full. GRx shall not be liable for or for any denial or reduction of credit caused by the suspension of processing due to non-payment, within our stated billing terms.

If any part of these Instructions and Policies is unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. These Instructions and Policies will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws contained therein. The parties hereto agree that any disputes arising herefrom shall be resolved in, and subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of, the courts of either Nassau or Suffolk County in the State of New York.

GRx reserves the right to revise these Instructions and Policies at any time. You should visit the GRx website at from time to time to review the most current Instructions and Policies as well as our Returns Policy Terms and Conditions.