Corporate Ethics And Compliance Program

Guaranteed Returns is committed in all of its business operations to sound ethical practices that meet both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations under which the company operates. Our federal and state regulatory compliance program governing the licensure of pharmaceutical returns is an important element of the company's over-arching Corporate Ethics and Compliance program.

Our Ethics and Compliance Program addresses every aspect of our business, including:

Conflicts of interest

Special rules on doing business with the federal government

Competition and fair dealing

Employee, customer and vendor relations

The foundation of our Ethics and Compliance Program is the Guaranteed Returns Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. When contracting with the federal government, we also follow our Policy for Government Contracting, which is an addendum to our Code.


Questions regarding the Code of any aspect of Guaranteed Returns Ethics and Compliance Program can be directed to the company's President and CEO, Paul Nick, at 1.800.473.2138, or to the company's Corporate Counsel and Compliance Officer, Ira Halperin, Esq. at 516.747.0300.