Pharmaceutical Return Services for Wholesalers

The GRx warehouse with the state-of-the-art sorter used for pharmaceutical returns.

If you’re looking for a reverse distributor to handle the pharmaceutical returns that come back to your distribution center, you’ve come to the right place.



Best-In-Class Returns Processing


  • All Branded & Generic Pharmaceutical Items
  • All Scheduled CII-CV Branded & Generic Pharmaceutical Items
  • All OTC & HBC Items, Including Partial & Full Case Quantities
  • All Specialty & Seasonal Items

We can handle your morgue processing needs in our state-of-the-art facilities just as we do for our thousands of reverse distribution customers.

  • Rapid turn-around time for processing, shipping and reporting
  • Complete Recall Processing, Reporting
  • Time Sensitive Indate Aging Processing, Warehousing & Reporting
  • Custom, User-defined Vendor Debit Invoicing Setting Higher JIR Standards
  • Competitive Fee Structure & Discounts


Guaranteed Returns® Overview