Product Aging Service

The Choice Is Yours.

There are times when you may return product that is, based upon manufacturer’s return policy, not yet eligible for return due to its expiration date. This product is commonly referred to as indates or indated product.

When you send us indated product, we leave it up to you to decide how you want your indates processed. There are two product aging service options available:

Option 1 – Hold and Age

Indated product will be inventoried, held and aged by GRx until the product meets the manufacturer’s date requirements.

Option 2 – Prompt Payment

Instead of holding and aging your indated products until they are ready for return to manufacturer, GRx can advance credit to you for select manufacturer’s products. Advance credits are paid on a scaled percentage of the Estimated Return Value (ERV), based upon anticipated time until eligible for return. Product not eligible for prompt payment will be handled as described in the hold and age option.

Please review the Terms & Conditions page for more details about the GRx Product Aging Service.

Please note the prompt payment program is only available to ReverseLink One™ customers.


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