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Looking to drive your pharmacy's business performance and make decisions about inventory and efficiency? The Customer Portal provides you with analytics to make fact-based decisions. And be sure to ask your service representative about our business reviews, where we'll take you through the data and what it means to your operation.

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Credits, Credits, Credits

Sometimes all you really want to know is when you will get your credits.

We strive to get customers credits as quickly as possible and that typically means a first distribution is issued within 90-120 days after your pharmaceutical returns are processed. However, we don’t sacrifice accuracy or effort in attaining the most amount of credits just for the sake of speediness.

Instant access to pharmaceutical return forms and shipping information 

The GR-XtraNet™ Customer Portal makes it simple for you to mail-in your pharmaceutical returns.

  • Mail-in pharmaceutical return forms all in one place
  • Forms conveniently auto-filled with your account information
  • Mailing and shipping labels available
  • Online Inventory Program

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Guaranteed Returns® has the most innovative user friendly extranet website.  Having the ability to track my shipments after they have left the hospital and monitor the disbursements from manufacturers, are just some of the many valuable services I appreciate as a buyer. I also want to say that since Barry Knowles became our rep we have consistently increased our expired return reimbursements. He has been extremely helpful with any questions I have regarding your website navigation or medication return policies.  For the first time there is a reverse distributor who actually collects the returns for you and is ACCOUNTABLE for their estimates. Thank you Guaranteed Returns.

Dawn Convery, Overlake Hospital Medical Center