Easy, Self-Service Pharmaceutical Returns

Customers can choose to mail-in their Rx returns. This self-service option makes sense when you don’t have a lot of product to return to manufacturers on a regular basis.

All you have to do is save your pharmaceutical returns, complete the proper paperwork, pack them for safe shipping and send them in a box to us at your convenience! You can ship your Rx returns to us free of charge*.

Pharmaceuticals that you can return

We accept the following pharmaceuticals:

  • Schedule II (CIIs)
  • Schedule CIII-CVs
  • All Non-controlled pharmaceuticals (including Rx, OTCs, HBCs, hazardous consumer commodities & medical-surgical products)

Any of the above can be sent as recalls, repacks, full and partials.

Acceptance does not guarantee credit will be issued by the manufacturers.

Mail-in Pharmaceutical Return Forms

If you are mailing in your return, you will need Return Authorization (RA) form(s) and labels for your pharmaceutical return.

RAs, shipping labels and other required forms can be downloaded from our website and printed any time, day or night.

*Some restrictions may apply.

Ready to start your mail-in pharmaceutical return?

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