Pharmaceutical Returns Services for Manufacturers

Improve Operational Efficiencies with Outsourced Pharmaceutical Returns Processing

Imagine the efficiencies you would gain and the costs you could save if you didn’t have to process all the pharmaceutical returns you received?

One way to achieve operating efficiencies on your pharmaceutical returns is to let us process them instead of having them sent directly to your facilities.  After all, pharmaceutical returns are all that we do.

Since 1986, we have continuously developed processes and standard operating procedures that enable us to process pharmaceutical returns in accordance with compliance requirements.

fewer touchpoints = lower risk & lower cost

Logo for One and Doneā„¢ program that allows us to electronically report pharmaceutical returns data and destroy product

Our One & Done™ program offers participating manufacturers a simple and cost effective solution to the disposal piece of the out dated pharmaceutical returns process.

Incoming manufacturer returns are carefully inventoried and verified for compliance with manufacturer's policy requirements. The resulting return product data is sent, via EDI, to the manufacturer for credit assessment and the out dated product is destroyed by GRx's contractor. Our One & Done program reduces the touchpoints and saves the manufacturer the added step of an internal product disposal process.

DEA compliant documentation for product destruction, including witnessed burn certification for controlled substances is provided.

Reduce Counterfeit and Diverted Product by working together

Tracking and identifying counterfeit and diverted products is a vital component in the reverse distribution process, and poses a never-ending challenge to the manufacturers and their agents. At Guaranteed Returns®, our "license plate" product tagging enables us to provide manufacturers with the information they need to target any suspect product in the out dated product stream and identify the source.

  • Manufacturer defined price files
  • Suspicious return detection
  • Product authentication training
  • Validation of legitimate trading partner
  • RFID/EPC adoption protocols

Recall Services

Should you have a recall, it can be managed through Guaranteed Returns®.  From initial notifications to final recall product termination, we can manage all aspects of the recall process.

Recall Services include:

  • Data Integration
  • Direct Mailings
  • Business Reply Card (BRC) Accumulation & Efficacy Checks
  • Customized Recall Return Kits
  • Final Disposition & Product Handling
  • Document Imaging
  • Detailed status reports throughout the entire process