Your Pharmaceutical Returns Credits are our Business

At the heart of pharmaceutical returns credits are wholesalers. Typically, credits are issued by manufacturers to wholesalers and our Reconciliation department, known as RECON, will work hand-in-hand with our wholesaler partners to ensure that the issued credit is applied, reported and distributed to customers.

Coordinated Recon Efforts Yield Maximum Results

Our fully staffed and specially trained reconciliation team (Recon), provides comprehensive credit collection, facilitation and reconciliation services from the time the product is shipped back to the manufacturer and throughout the entire credit process.

The GRx Recon Team diligently tracks all eligible credits, serving as both liaison and data coordinator between hundreds of manufacturers and the wholesalers. Once credit is reported as available for distribution, the Recon team calculates, reconciles and expedites the payment of those credits back to our customers.

Wholesaler Partners

Plus Others - Contact Us for specifics!

Contact Us to learn more about getting the most credits for your pharmaceutical returns. Guaranteed Returns® also offers Rx return services directly to Wholesalers.