Our Commitment to Transparency

GRx is 100% Committed
to 100% Transparency.

Guaranteed Returns (GRx) is the Most Transparent in the Returns Industry.

Transparency is an overhyped buzzword that’s tossed around randomly in the reverse distribution industry. Most reverse distributors claim to offer transparency, but their limited reporting makes it nearly impossible for hospital pharmacies to monitor actual credits recovered (ACR) versus estimated return value (ERV) and the add on fees that eat away at your credits.

Why is True Transparency Critical in Reverse Distribution?

Most pharmacies are experiencing a lack of in-depth reporting to manage inventory shrink, insufficient or non-existent fee reporting and little to no actionable items for reducing the ratio between returnable inventory and non-returnable.

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How Does GRx Deliver on Transparency?

  • Non-returnable manifests that clearly define why an item is ineligible
  • Credit Status Report giving customers a crystal-clear view of their credit recovery detail for each cycle
  • Full visibility of service fees with no surprises
  • Valuable intelligence is provided to identify inventory practice vulnerabilities
  • Putting data into action by identifying and executing growth-driven strategies
  • Comprehensive returnable manifests with estimated return values to better manage inventory turns

If every dollar of your pharmaceutical returns cannot be accounted for and you cannot reconcile your returns down to the penny, you need to learn more about what it really means to work with a transparent reverse distributor.

GRx doesn’t just claim to be transparent.
We’ll prove it.