Get More from Your Pharmaceutical Returns

Trust your expired pharmaceuticals to us and optimize your returns

We have over 450,000 NDC’s in our product database, and our information is continually updated and expanded to ensure that we can correctly identify, evaluate and process any product we encounter, including recalls and discontinued product.

We maintain a manufacturer database with over 1500 return policies, enabling us to assess return credit eligibility and provide policy compliance in our returns process. 

Careful monitoring and regular communication with both manufacturers and wholesalers allows us to stay current to any acquisitions, mergers or product divestures that could impact return policy and credit eligibility. 

faster product processing and returns

Logo for One and Doneā„¢ program that allows us to electronically report pharmaceutical returns data and destroy product Many manufacturers participate in our One and Done program™ entrusting us  to destroy their expired pharmaceutical returns and bypass the traditional processing path of re-packing and shipping pharmaceutical returns to the manufacturer for processing.  This can cut weeks or even months off the manufacturers ‘ returns process, and expedite the issuance of credit.

Frick Hospital Pharmacy has dealt with Guaranteed Returns for quite a few years; we could not be more satisfied! I don’t do anything except take the boxes to shipping. Guaranteed Returns does all of the paperwork and any credit we have coming is processed thru our wholesaler. The whole process is very painless and efficient!!

Valerie Fencil, Frick Hospital

Are you a Manufacturer looking for Pharmaceutical Return Services? 

Our One and Done program™  can simplify and streamline your returns process, handle all the disposal and destruction, and provide convenient EDI transmissions of return product data for ease of processing and credit consideration. Contact us for program details.