A legacy of leadership. Three decades strong.

GRx embodies over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the reverse distribution industry. We are built on a foundation of core human values: trust, reliability, integrity and accountability, and we proudly offer our customers real-world advantages like innovation, intelligence, insight and visibility - all to deliver measurable business performance and the industry's highest value on your expired pharmaceutical returns.

We combine dedicated, hard-working representatives providing best-in-class service with insight and intelligence for better decision making. Driven by our "partners in success" focus, we help pharmacies everywhere maximize the potential of their inventory performance.

Our history
In 1986, GRx began servicing pharmacies, mom and pops, small chains and community hospitals, across the United States with the unique idea of handling the headaches of pharmaceutical returns. As GRx grew, a new industry followed and many of the industry's standards were set by GRx, including its ReverseLink One program - the industry's first batching program. Another first by GRx was its automated, state-of-the-art sorting equipment - the first of its kind used for pharmaceutical returns.

Like many leaders in a new industry, GRx experienced its growing pains over the past 30 years but we are proud of the company we have become today. The events of the past couple of years challenged us to look at the industry differently; we wiped the slate clean and reinvented ourselves. We're working again to set new standards for the reverse distribution industry.

We have started by implementing industry-leading compliance, oversight, and monitoring to assure greater accountability and transparency. We have spoken to Directors of Pharmacy who have told us that it's hard to figure out what happens to pharmaceutical returns once they leave the pharmacy; they tell us reporting is insufficient, hard to read, or not readily available. As a result, we now offer customers end to end reporting on returns: comprehensive reporting, all in one place, viewable from anywhere, broken down by vendor and more.

We will continue listening to our customers and to make strategic investments in new programs and processes to continue earning your trust and to become your reverse distributor go-to partner.

OUR future
We created Pharmaceutical Returns. Now we're committed to transforming it. 

Since our founding in 1986, we have processed billions of dollars in pharmaceutical returns. Today we are perfecting the market we created by delivering greater value, insight and visibility, in everything we do. We believe that pharmaceutical returns should be much more than just physically returning your product for the refund; we believe it should also be about intelligence and measurable business performance. We're going beyond returns to boost your pharmacy's inventory, operational efficiency and bottom line.

We are continually working to develop innovative programs to optimize return value for our customers while providing the data, visibility and accountability they require.

Expertise that delivers
When you choose GRx as your reverse distributor, you can expect to work with the most knowledgeable and professional pharmaceutical returns specialists in the world.  Our expertise translates into:

  • Drive performance with analytics. Profit from actionable data.
  • On-site service that is so efficient and quick, you’ll forget we’re there.
  • No advance preparation for an on-site visit – we do the work and you get the credit.
  • Comprehensive credit recovery and online reporting that provides full visibility into your pharmaceutical return. 
  • The most returns credit back to you. Period.
  • Best-in-Industry Customer Service Department.
  • Gain peace of mind - we've got your back from start to finish.

Credentials You Care About.

  • Fully licensed and compliant with DEA, DOT, EPA,FDA,OSHA, PDMA, RCRA & state boards of pharmacy
  • Established partnerships with over 1,000 crediting manufacturers,  group purchasing organizations (GPO), and wholesalers
  • Full systems integration opportunities via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Automated indate product aging program
  • Fully integrated recall processing & reporting
  • DEA #RD0188311
  • EPA #NYR000122879

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