Guaranteed Returns® offers over 80 On-Site Service Representatives, worldwide. Guaranteed Returns® takes pride in the selection and training process to provide the industry with the most professional, knowledgeable and courteous service representatives available. All of Guaranteed Returns® On-Site Service Representatives have the Guaranteed Returns® “Durable Power Of Attorney” and have completed an extensive training program to ensure that all customers’ expectations are met.

On-Site Service Summary:

  • Filter through storage areas, shelves, and refrigerators for expired, recalled, damaged, and overstocked pharmaceuticals (Some restrictions may apply)
  • Equipped with mobile offices linked to state of the art processing technologies
  • Electronically inventory all scheduled CII-CV products
  • Preparation and execution of DEA 222 FORMS
  • On-Site product manifest available
  • Safely sort, package, and label all products in accordance with ORMD/DOT compliance
  • Arrange for pickup and transportation
  • Conduct GR-XtraNET™ and Returns On The Web™ (ROW) online reporting tutorial
  • Schedule next service appointment
  • Consult pharmacy staff in analyzing any of our reports
  • Additional benefits for managing your inventory

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