Reverse Distribution does not have to be a disruption to your normal business operations. Cost effective and efficient solutions are available by partnering with Guaranteed Returns®.

Guaranteed Returns® also offers solutions that focus on return goods programs for your customers and your own return goods. Is effective recall management a problem for your company? Guaranteed Returns® has a program for effective withdrawal of voluntary and involuntary recalled product to fit your needs.

Guaranteed Returns® also has an expansive offering of value added services to streamline your reverse distribution needs.

Customer-Supplier Deduction Program

Our patented program, along with the latest industry technology, enables Guaranteed Returns® to deliver instant credit to the wholesalers' customer, while securing credit from its suppliers. In addition, the program provides all involved tradeclasses (wholesalers, wholesalers' customers and wholesaler-suppliers) with complete visibility and editing capabilities to specified data elements so that all debits and credits are balanced and reported.


Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to receive, authenticate and process items eligible for re-stock back to designated distribution points.

Morgue Processing

  • Processing All Branded & Generic Pharmaceutical Items
  • Processing All Scheduled CII-CV Branded & Generic Pharmaceutical Items
  • Processing All OTC & HBC Items, Including Partial & Full Case Quantities
  • Processing All Specialty & Seasonal Items
  • Complete Recall Processing, Reporting, And Unique Debit Invoicing
  • Time Sensitive Indate Aging Processing, Warehousing & Reporting
  • Custom, User-defined Vendor Debit Invoicing Setting Higher JIR Standards
  • Multiple Licensed Return Goods Facilities To Ship To, Ultimately Reducing Transportation Costs
  • Installed & Tested Custom Software
  • Fastest Turn-Around Time For Processing & Reporting, While Eliminating Sorting Errors With Use Of State-Of-The-Art Sortation Technology
  • Competitive Fee Structure & Discounts
  • Local On-Site Service Representatives Available Nationwide
  • Unparallel Visibility To Data Via GR-XtraNET™


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