Manufacturer Premium™ Program

Guaranteed Returns® has been providing manufacturers with first-class services since early 1990’s. Manufacturer Premium™ program is designed to maximize total outsourcing opportunities by supporting manufacturers in the resolution of reverse logistics.

Some of the key benefits & processes may include:

  • Pharmaceutical Returns Processing
  • Return Authorization Processing
  • Customer Variance Reporting
  • Credit Issuance, Tracking, And Reconciliation Services
  • Voluntary And Involuntary Recall Notification And Management
  • Physician Samples/Manufacturer Representative Returns
  • Return To Stock Service
  • Repackage And Redress Services
  • Electronic Reporting Options
  • Field Auditing Available
  • Destruction Services
  • Unsurpassed Data Analytics
Please contact us for a detailed listing of all manufacturers benefiting from Guaranteed Returns® Manufacturer Premium™ program.


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