It Simply Pays... In Only 30 Days!

Since 2002, Guaranteed Returns® has been offering the industry’s first Instant Credit program to its customers for their returned goods. Instant Credit Link™ provides pharmacies with a guaranteed payout within 30 days of processing your returned goods. While other returned goods companies have just started to offer a similar type of program, Guaranteed Returns® has had nearly a decade in refinement and continues to offer a program that actually works.

While most pharmacies continue to use Guaranteed Returns® flagship returns program, ReverseLinkOne™, Instant Credit Link™ helps those pharmacies who are looking to bring in cash faster. Although Instant Credit Link™ is at a higher cost, there are some benefits that may help fit the needs of today’s pharmacies’ current cash flow.



Some of the highlighted benefits are:

  • Receive a CHECK for an agreed upon percentage of the Estimated Return Value (ERV) within 30 days from the time your returns are processed for credit eligibility.
  • Includes everything the store needs to ship to Guaranteed Returns® (RA Forms, DEA 222 request form, UPS Shipping labels, Access to the new GR-XtraNET™).
  • Access to Returns On the Web™ (ROW) providing a virtual paperless return process (Electronic inventory and shipping labels provided).
  • Accountability through our secure website. Many easy to generate reports are available at
  • Nearly eliminates the need to track and reconcile credits. (A few vendors will credit your pharmacy directly*)
  • On-Site service available upon request**. (Additional Fees apply for level of service)


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