Pharmaceutical Return Programs

ReverseLink™ Direct Pay Delivers Quick Payments

When quick payments are your first priority, you’ll want to consider choosing the ReverseLink™ Direct Pay program. Under this program, payment will be sent directly to you by the manufacturer or as drop ship credits through your wholesaler.

With either arrangement, you may begin to see payments as early as 30-45 days after return processing. Returns are processed the same day they are received at GRx and we expedite shipping to all manufacturers unless the manufacturer requires a Return Authorization.

Tracking Your Direct Pay Credits

This program features do-it-yourself tracking of credits and payments via the GRx Customer Portal. On the portal, you will be able to match your payments to the debit memos issued by Guaranteed Returns® to manufacturers. This enables you to know which payments you have received and which ones are outstanding.

Service Fees

You will receive an invoice for your ReverseLink™ Direct Pay servicing after your product has been received and processed at our Processing Center. Your invoice is conveniently attached to the Service Reports you receive on a regular basis as a Guaranteed Returns® customer.

ReverseLink™ One Delivers It All

ReverseLink™ One is the heritage program that the pharmaceutical returns industry was built upon. It is a comprehensive batched based, wholesaler pharmaceutical returns program. Under this program, we handle all aspects of the return process for your facility including credit reconciliation, follow-up with manufacturers and wholesalers and deep reporting for analysis. Many customers like the comfort of knowing “everything is being done for them”.

What is a Batched returns program?

A batched pharmaceutical returns program combines returned products from different pharmacies into one “batch” return. This practice is popular because it enables smaller returns to meet manufacturer minimum return policies and therefore receive some credit. If the return was sent individually to the manufacturer and didn’t meet their minimum quantity policy, the returning facility wouldn’t receive any credits.

When batched, all pharmacies receive a proportional share of credits issued by the manufacturer. Check out the diagram below to get a full understanding how a Batch-based program works.

Credit Tracking Done For You

The GRx Reconciliation (Recon) department works on your behalf to ensure that maximum eligible credit has been issued by the manufacturer. Anticipated credits are tracked and monitored by the Recon department and further follow up ensures that credit is applied and reported to us in a timely manner so that net credits can be issued to you as quickly as possible.

Wholesalers That Participate In the ReverseLink™ One Program

Six of the major industry wholesalers participate in the ReverseLink One program. Pharmacy customers who actively utilize one of these wholesalers are eligible for the Reverselink™ One program:

  1. Amerisource Bergen
  2. Cardinal Health
  3. McKesson Corporation
  4. H.D. Smith
  5. Morris & Dickson
  6. Rochester Drug Co-op

No Out of Pocket Service Fees

With ReverseLink™ One you never have to write a check, the service fees are simply deducted from your credits, and are fully documented in the reports available on the Customer Portal.