Get More from Your Pharmaceutical Returns

Increased Credits

With more than 1000 manufacturers as partners, you can be assured that we provide the most comprehensive pharmaceutical returns program available. We:

  • Process over 300,000 NDC/UPCs
  • Are a member of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Return Goods Taskforce
  • Manage & maintain manufacturer return policies across three different departments. Since policies dictate your credit payout, we don’t take a chance on missing any updates.

Trust your pharmaceutical returns to us and receive the most credits that a manufacturer’s policy allows. In addition, our Quality Assurance department works with our manufacturer partners to ask for policy exceptions on very expensive drugs. When these exceptions are granted, it means more credit back to your facility.

Quicker Credit Distributions

Logo for One and Doneā„¢ program that allows us to electronically report pharmaceutical returns data and destroy product Many manufacturers participate in our One and Done program™ where they trust us to destroy pharmaceutical returns and bypass the traditional processing path of re-packing and shipping pharmaceutical returns to the manufacturer for processing.

When manufacturing partners allow us to destroy pharmaceutical returns and report results for verification, we eliminate some costs and approximately two-three weeks from processing time.

Frick Hospital Pharmacy has dealt with Guaranteed Returns for quite a few years; we could not be more satisfied! I don’t do anything except take the boxes to shipping. Guaranteed Returns does all of the paperwork and any credit we have coming is processed thru our wholesaler. The whole process is very painless and efficient!!

Valerie Fencil, Frick Hospital

As a customer, you can expect a quicker turnaround on credits and cost savings from reduced processing and shipping costs.

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