Benefit from our pharmaceutical returns experience.

We’ve been processing Rx returns for customers since 1986 when we founded the pharmaceutical returns industry. A passion for the environment and roots in the pharmaceutical industry, led to working with pharmacists on returning their expired, damaged and obsolete drugs to manufacturers.

When visibility, accountability and the number of manufacturers issuing credits became a concern for the pharmacy community, we introduced our ReverseLink One™ returns program.This program revolutionized the industry by increasing the number of manufacturers that would credit facilities for their pharmaceutical returns. Also, it was the first program of its kind to consolidate manufacturer credits.

All these years later, just like then, we still act in the best interest of our pharmacy customers. We strive to do the right thing, explore better ways to process drug returns and continually introduce innovative programs that provide undeniable value!

Expertise that Delivers.

When you choose us as your reverse distributor, you can expect to work with the most knowledgeable and professional pharmaceutical returns specialists in the world.  Our expertise translates into:

  • On-site service that is so efficient and quick, you’ll forget we’re there.
  • No advance preparation for an on-site visit – we do it all!
  • Returns processing accuracy of virtually 100%.
  • A reconciliation department that will engage tenaciously with manufacturers and wholesalers for every credit your pharmacy deserves. 
  • The most returns credit back to you. Period.
  • Best-in-Industry Customer Service Department.

Credentials You Care About.

  • Fully licensed and compliant with DEA, DOT, EPA,FDA,OSHA, PDMA, RCRA & all state boards of pharmacy, where required
  • Established partnerships with over 1,000 crediting manufacturers, major group purchasing organizations (GPO), and wholesalers
  • Full systems integration opportunities via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Automated indate product aging program and fully integrated recall processing & reporting
  • DEA #RD0188311
  • EPA #NYR000122879

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